The word fashion in itself is symbol to Art. The art of transforming ideas to lifestyle. Photography is the language that can be used for this transformation. Bluemoon photography is an attempt to master this art.

Our team of specialist photographers is here for all your requirements related to fashion viz a fashion photo shoot, a campaign, portfolio development.

We welcome you to experience the photographic eye of our fashion lensmen.

In the beginning I was very afraid of approaching a professional team because my friends scared me saying people charge exorbitant amounts of money for fashion photography. But Bluemoon Photography was an excellent choice because they took the time to understand my needs and negotiated the price accordingly. I got excellent work done for the budget I had in mind!


Bluemoon is an incredible photo shoot agency and we are thrilled that this agency has become part of our modelling agency. Their passion and dedication towards the assignments are unprecedented….Over the past few months their team has worked extensively on every edge with the organization.

Bluemoon photography isĀ  an amazing addition to our team and with their creative eye, they captured images of our fashion shows and fashion events.

Thank you Bluemoon

Ritesh Bhargawa