Kids’ photography is about capturing your child at their most expressive, uninhibited and mischievous. It’s about photographing a fleeting moment in their childhood that is over all too soon. But photographs of your children aren’t just for you. They’re a lovely memento for your kids as well. So at some point in the future they’ll look at these beautifully shot portraits and think about all the fun they had that day. In fact, Children’s photography is about creating a portrait that’s as much loved by your child, as it is by you.

So what happens in a kid shoot?

First of all we’ll have a pre-shoot meeting on the telephone, where we’ll discuss some of ideas we have for the photo session and we can talk about clothing and costumes. The shoot itself lasts up to an hour and takes place in the studio, which is bright and airy. It’s really just about dressing up, putting on some funky music, having as much fun as possible, and letting your kids be themselves

Working with Bluemoon was an amazing experience. They has shown how prepared they are because they simply gets the best out of every client no matter how old or how young. They somehow always creates a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. The photo session with my two girls clearly shows that they have had fun and enjoyed every minute. Thank you guys.


I was looking for a photography agency who can do perfect photography in my budget for my kids. I was very much afraid before the shoot as this was the first time I was going to have this experience. Team Bluemoon Photography has done a wonderful job.

Malvika Tiwari